We will continue to descend

Yeah, this is going to be a doom and gloom type post, and it has nothing to do with Donald J Trump taking office later today. I cannot believe the throw away nature of modern society. I had two perfectly good but old digital cameras, boxed and with loads of extras and I was let down by a local camera shop that lured me in.

The manager wasn’t interested after an email sounding them out had given me encouragement, “Bring them in and we will take a look it said”. I did and they didn’t even open the boxes. I was told they weren’t worth the risk and I might as well throw them away, brilliant!

Instead I took them down to the Oxfam shop and they had a sudden supply of camera equipment. I am not upset that I got nothing for them, I expected that as they are over 10 years old in design. What got me was the deception, the bring them in line and then face to face the change of tack. What is wrong with some people?

It seemed all rather appropriate that I then saw the graffiti above after my drop off to Oxfam. It summed up my feelings very well as I hate throwing things away and I had been encouraged to do so, but I defied that and hopefully allowed them a new lease of life with someone else.

My general malaise with modern living goes further than just this, it goes to how unsocial social networks have made our lives. Ultimately we as individuals are to blame for allowing social networks to detract from what really matters, face to face human interaction. That is what really nourishes the soul.

What do we have now then? Well attention grabbing nonsense looking for the patronage of others at the end of a faceless interaction, ironic eh as that is what this is! I should add that I do this as a variation on the diary theme. I used to keep paper diaries but now storing my thoughts and memories online gives me something to look back on, so this is mostly for me, okay?!

Back to the point and what we have in the modern World is people more lonely than ever before, more disconnected from society, yet easily influenced by others and their agenda. It scares me where it will end, Trump maybe?!


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