Gearing up

Back in to the old routine again. I have slipped back in to the standard working day once again after a different and really good start to the year. The first aid course was bang on and I feel confident that I can put into practice what I have learnt.

It has been so much more than just recognising ailments and applying dressings, even if it was good to correct some of my misconceptions and bad habits. It has fitted in wonderfully with my recent readings from The Chimp Paradox.

The book has its uses for me personally figuring out why I make the bad decisions I have made, but it has really opened up my empathy towards others. I have seen how negatively I have viewed others, without just cause. I hope to become a more compassionate person and more open to understanding others.

I can feel the changes already, they started from the beginning of December last year if I’m being honest. It is only small changes but they do add up and after one complete read through I will reflect on how I can improve and the easiest part for me is my interactions with others. I will probably need another read through in the summer or later to try and sort out the problems with my own thoughts.

The concept of autopilots and gremlins has really struck home and thinking back to last week, when I punctured on the way in to work, I just stayed calm, excepted these things happen and got on with putting in a new inner tube, calmly and quietly. That may seem a bit of a weird analogy but not that long ago I would have got all wound up by this and what good would it have done me?

Am I finally growing up? Well maybe as in my head I have been very irresponsible for most of my life. Okay nothing dramatic is likely to change in my day to day goings on but a more mature attitude to problems can only help.

The next phase to really move on is to gear up for some sensible goals in 2017. I know no reason why I shouldn’t be able to notch up a minimum of 200 miles a month by bike this year. I am already ahead in 2017 of previous years, at this stage. Keep fit, stay healthy are my mantras.


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