Frost bomb

We are in to the meat of it now. Day two of the first aid course and my brain is being engaged once more. It hasn’t felt challenged and out of its comfort zone for some time, in the work environment anyway.

Learning new skills is always good, especially useful ones that could get called upon anytime on any given day. For those skills to be potentially life saving ones is particularly good in my mind.

I had thought that my brain was perhaps beyond new learning but it isn’t, woo-hoo! It hasn’t been easy though as I have been put through my paces, grasping new concepts and opening myself up to making mistakes and learning from them.

The ride in was challenging too, with temperatures down in the minus figures and the wind chill pushing that down further. Two layers on the legs and five layers on top felt under dressed at times. Still these are great times to be riding as it is for the real hardcore.

That hardcore is growing though. Not in the countryside where almost all my rides begin and end, but in the towns and urban areas. More people are using pedal power to get about and that is a wonderful thing.

I saw the charming site of a parent following their child, both on bikes, using the bicycle lanes to perfection and illuminated correctly, with good road discipline and courtesy to all other road users. Chapeau to you for setting such a wonderful example to your child.

Back to the countryside and the roads are the domain of the weekend warriors. The numbers have rapidly increased over the past 4-5 years, thanks to Team Sky, the Olympic success and all that jazz.

Again this is a good thing as more cyclists means better understanding from other road users, as most of us drive too. If we understand the pressures of cycling on the open road, then when we drive we can be more considerate. This should then set an example to others and with that it all becomes better as more people are tempted to give it a try.

Now I’m not about to start changing my ways and riding out in large social groups, I am a lone cyclist after all, but I’d rather the stress of a wheel sucker than than a ton and a half of metal bearing down on me.


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