A new year dawns, a new start for many too, I’m sure, but as I muddle my way through life, what will 2017 bring? Well it is a new chapter yet to be written and with so many people predicting this and that about the future I, for one, will not join them on this occasion, (I’m still trying to make sense of 2016!).

What I can do is state what I have planned for 2017. Firstly, I do not intend making any great waves, I will just get on with things quietly in my own manner. In fact with a first aider course due to start this week and my constant desire for self improvement and balance, which has been massively helped by Steve Peters of recent, I hope to be a more considerate person, in more ways than one, more of this later.

So lots of cycling – check, plenty of rallying – check, a wide range of motorsport in general – check. All looks fairly standard then so lets add the filling to the sandwich of life.

Late April will see a week or so of Belgian exploration. It will be bookended with rallying but in between I will endeavour to explore Wallonie by bike and ride somewhere totally new to me, (don’t worry Flanders I have plans for you later in the year). I will be in Liege-Bastogne-Liege country so plenty of lumps and bumps to explore. For those not in the know it may surprise you to know just how lumpy Wallonie is.

Early June will see my return to the French Alps. This year it will not followed up a week in Switzerland. No this will be an 11 day trip, including traveling there and back. A short, sharp trip if you will. I hope to get back to the beautiful Annecy but my plans are all based upon the Dauphine route.

I will be back on the continent almost a week later, this time Flanders for the Ypres rally. No bike, which is a shame, but I may squeeze in a long weekend before the year is done. This looks likely to be in Belgium again, possibly Antwerp or Ghent.

September will take over as my Isle of Man rallying trip with May falling from favour. And that is that really. Just one last thing though. The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters is worth a read, it is thoroughly recommended.


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