It isn’t very often that you will see a mid ride post but New Year’s Eve is an odd beast, so here is one. I stand at the top of Edgehill, perched at the Southern end of Warwickshire and the Northern end of the Cotswolds, having just stopped to grab the view, an energy bar and a quick drink.

Like some demented fool I have just ridden up Edgehill and up an through Avon Dassett, on the way over. Neither are what would be called epic climbs but in my childhood World these were as big as Mont Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez to me.

I had the insult of being passed by 3 older, but crucially, smaller riders on the way to Avon Dassett. It isn’t really an insult as their size makes a huge difference plus they had me as a carrot to chase whereas I didn’t know they were there until they passed me.

Chilled out me was happy to hang back and not catch them, I know the etiquette of cycling and let others go at whatever pace they want to. They however did start to annoy me. I checked behind, they had friends who hadn’t passed me, then on the descent they started holding me up and blocking the road, riding three abreast.

I was free wheeling and catching them as they continued to pedal, albeit lightly. A polite ring on the bike bell got no response, so it was kamikaze mode from me. A sweep to the right, a well placed glare and I hit the pedals hard. Top gear, downhill, sweeping through a village I felt a presence as one of the riders was now on my wheel. I thought about Sean Yates story of gobbing in the face of a wheel sucker, it was only a thought. Harder on the pedals and the elastic snapped, he was gone.

I’m guessing these guys were recent converts to the steel horse, sorry carbon in their case. They had no idea of cycling etiquette and saw me as a challenge to mob. Okay you have me on the climbs but on the downhill stuff, well my mass is a big advantage, but the manners they demonstrated were absolutely zero. If you are going to pass me then keep going, don’t then block me and hold me up. This happens far too often from chain gangs. Rant over.


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