End of the year

Edgehill is behind me now, almost 50 miles behind me as my 3 hour ride turned in to a 100kms plus end of year, final flourish. I have no plans for the rest of the day so why not stay out whilst it is still light.

That first hour and a bit was hard with climbing and heading into the wind. The next two hours or so were much nicer as I generally had the wind to the side or helping me. So much so it saw me go from the Cotswolds all the way to the Dunsmore ridge on the Eastern edge of Warwickshire.

My ride today feels like a greatest hits of my part of Warwickshire. I had to negotiate Leamington Spa, eurgh traffic lights, clip out, clip in every few hundred metres. Once through the road over to Rugby is pretty damn fine with a tailwind, my only problem was fueling. I had left with one energy bar expecting a 3 hour ride and here I was now over 3 hours in with just water to keep me going for the final 10 miles, oops.

Still I now had some cross sections to do with the gravel track down to the village from Draycote Water and then an old bit of former railway line to the next village, Birdingbury.

Time to reflect though on what has been an exceptional year of cycling for me. I have ridden almost 4,500 miles, climbed over 5 times the height of Everest and spent the equivalent of 13 days riding my bike. All pretty dandy really.

The biggest change to my cycling this year has been the addition of the Cannondale Caad X 105. It has changed my cycling for the better. I used to have a mountain bike but it and I never really gelled. I liked going off road but not the full on stuff that an MTB demands. A hybrid was never going to work either as I like dropped handlebars so late 2015 my plan was hatched and in February of this year I took delivery of the Caad X.

I’ve not looked back. Yes, I’ve suffered more punctures than on my roadie and roadie hack but once I got the right tyres sorted and some tyre protection I’ve done okay. It has been a pleasure to open up my routes and it is no surprise that the Caad X has seen me do half the miles.


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