It’s a new dawn

No bike today, the car is my chariot and what a fine morning it is too. I definitely picked the best morning to ride in as since then it has been much colder and the frost patches are now icy. I’m nervous on the bike at the best of times…

So with little left of 2016 what are the plans for 2017? Well not to equal this year for starters. My targets for 2016 have been well and truly broken but I have not set the 2017 bar too high. Small increments on the current targets which I would have exceeded this year too. I’m not getting any younger after all, though the expected fall off in physical ability will not start until I’m in my 50’s or near them, I hope!

The Alpine summer adventures of 2016 will not be matched, just over a week in 2017 with only the Criterium du Dauphine, no Tour de Suisse. Instead I have thrown in a Belgian week at the end of April. This will be after Liege-Bastogne-Liege and in Wallonie, so weather permitting I will tackle some of those climbs that make up La Doyenne.

Other than that nothing too different to what has happened before. Motorsport will still dominate my weekends although I cannot see me matching the incredible 51 events attended this year, (a personal best I must add). Maybe mid 40’s in 2017 so the potential for more long rides out is there.

For now I’m just luxuriating in targets smashed this year and doing what I want, with no pressure on myself. It is so bizarre really, I am so utterly driven in my cycling goals and with my motorsport photography too yet, in my day job, I have virtually no drive. I just turn up, do a professional job in the hours I’m contracted for, then go away and do what I really want to do and enjoy.

Some would say that I lack focus, others would say I lack responsibility. The truth is my choices in life, good and bad, have put me where I now am. I have few responsibilities other than to paying the essential bills and myself. It is a blessing although not as I saw my future some 30 years ago.

It is funny how things turn out really but I do not regret where I am. Life is sweet and I have many good experiences, life is generally good.


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