Back to the grind

Yep I am one of those for whom Christmas is about quiet days at work to catch up on things. Others have partners and kids so it is a special time of the year for them, but for those of us without why not save your holiday and get your affairs in order before the New Year?

I’m not a Scrooge, this just works for me and I like it that way. It also means I can enjoy a quiet commute to work and for the first time in my life I have commuted by bike in the Christmas week.

Before I hit the urban end of my commute I was passed by two cars. Just two cars in 6.5 miles, that is unheard of. Not only that but the towns were pleasant too but I could not resist a cycle path diversion through St Nicholas Park. The pond was superb in the low light and with frost all around. It is at times like this it feels great to be alive, (strange how often I get that when there is no one else around).

There was fog and mist too, which was kind of fun to contend with as the temperature plummeted as I dropped in to each patch of fallen cloud, as someone I know calls it. Four layers on top did not feel enough, mind you one layer only on the legs was not ideal either!

Still it was all good fun and I really enjoyed riding to work. How often can other people say that, they actually enjoyed their journey to work?

The ride home tonight might be a different matter though. Full dark, fog reforming and all the perils of being seen by motorists who might have had one for the road seeing family, generally being out and about.

I should be fine as I had my accident for 2016 early on when I skinned my knee in January, following the front wheel going under me, on a mossy patch of road. I think back to that ride often as my masseuse demonstrates the damage caused with pain still present down the outside of my right leg.

I guess I’m at that age now where recovery takes a lot longer but hey ho it hasn’t dented my 2016 too badly. Almost 4,500 miles will be covered by bike this year and that is something to be truly proud of.


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