Shepherds delight

I like it when a plan comes together…

With my weekends now devoid of motorsport I have been returning to normal life, so to speak. I haven’t been missing much, is my first thought. I have been able to fall back on cycling, although it is fitting it in around the general nonsense which leads up to Christmas which is proving a challenge.

My only time for a ride out today was after a roast dinner, (chicken by the way). With less than an hour until the sun was due to set I had to keep it short and sharp. After a bad week with Christmas party season in full swing, I was determined to make sure I worked hard or punished myself to put it more bluntly.

There was an issue with my chain ring though, it felt very clunky as I gave it some welly. I then remembered I had cleaned the bike, the day before and apart from some MO84, (I also use GT85 but the MO84 was on offer), I had not lubricated my chain properly. Oh well take the risk and live with it.

Once 2-3 miles out I was sat in a nice groove in the low 20’s on my standard 14-20 mile TT loop. The punishment plan looked good as I was holding a mid 17-18mph average going with a decent cadence and a not to stupidly high heart rate either.

A couple of cheeky A road sections, (the A45 between Daventry and Dunchurch is great time trailing country for a busy road in case you wanted to know). I turned back on to the country lanes and I was then hit by the orange/yellow ball in the sky dropping nicely towards the horizon.

I had to stop for some pics. Garmin paused and I soaked it all up. I was now heading back home and mostly Westwards, which meant I would see the light show going on ahead of me for the next 25 minutes or so.

It just kept on delivering and 10 minutes from home I had to stop once more to capture the image above. It was a superb sky, almost spiritual as it left me feeling good with the World once more. Hardly seeing another soul out, whilst riding, had helped too but still natures light shows do lift the soul in a way little else can.

This is when cycling rules.


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