Severn view

I’ll stray away from cycling for this post as I share my new found love for sporting trials. I have done the odd one here and there over the past few years but 2016 has seen me really take to them. With rallying declining maybe my hand has been forced but variety and diversifying my sporting interests has been a good thing.

I still go to them with the same people, so we have the same banter but the type of sport just has a totally different feel to it. For starters the competition is friendlier, there is much more camaraderie between the crews, the marshals and the spectators like us. It is all about having a good days sport and that fun feeling rubs off on everyone and the ego’s deflate.

This event, the Gloster Sporting Trial, is my 50th event of the year, as a photographer. A new benchmark has been set, a highest total for any calendar year and the number 50, a half century, just sounds good, impressive almost.

I am very fortunate to do what I do. I can thank a job which gives me the money to do these leisure pursuits but does not eat into my personal time to inhibit these ‘hobbies’, (it rare for me to praise my workplace but credit due as without it I wouldn’t be doing this). I also have very few commitments, as documented elsewhere on this blog. It is a blessing at times and I do flip and think what if, at other times.

You should live in the now and the near future though and not dwell and things past as they cannot be changed. You are where you are largely because of the decisions you have taken and rarely those inflicted on you. We are not passengers, no we should not be passengers in life, we should be engaged and involved otherwise we are just wasting what we have.

Blimey, I’ve got all spiritual there, which was most unexpected when all I was doing was recounting a great day, towards the end of a decent year for me personally, (barring one loss in my family which was inevitable so hardly a shock).

I now have a month or so until I’m out doing motorsport again. I will have the joy of the Boxing Day cyclo cross at Kenilworth Common but that is different, as that is local.


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