Moments of life

Sometimes life is just wonderful without you having to do much at all and today was one of those days. Up in the Lake District, rallying, we had one of those moments as we descended down to Coniston and were presented with this scene. Really there is not much to add, but this being a blog I will.

It was a beautiful crisp and cold late Autumns day and with cloud building from the West, I guess this could have been predicted. Coniston Water is one of those rarities in the Lake District though as it lies roughly East-West in its extent. Which means, at the right time of year, it has great sunrise and sunset potential.

Just everything aligned today though. We has a fantastic walk out of Grizedale forest as the sun slid down past the horizon and then as we started our journey back we got this 5 minutes drive away.

There have been so many good days up in the Lakes for me of recent and yet this part of the World has been hit hard by some extreme events too. I guess the hard landscape builds a certain type of resilience which I see in the cyclists who toil their way along the twisting, stone walled roads.

I was happy to be rallying today though. We had a good day and plenty of entertainment but sadly not all those that came out in to the woods today could say the same. We heard reports that a spectator fell, hit their head and didn’t make it. This has still to be confirmed but the reports we heard did not sound good.

It seems so at odds with the image above that today saw such tragedy for a family, losing a loved one. Maybe if you could choose a place to go though, you would struggle to pick much better. Maybe a more spiritual person than me might view the beauty of the sunset tonight as the passing of a soul peacefully out of this World?

2016 eh, what a year for death. Is it just me getting older and knowing more people or has there really been an increase in death around us? I know the human population is growing like never before so it follows more people will die each year but there is a lag effect.

Whatever it is today will be memorable, good or bad.


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