Super Moon

It is the morning after the Super Moon night before and if truth be told the Moon was still fairly good this morning too. I caught a sneaky glimpse as with November now halfway through I’m very much in my dark days cycling regime, (out with the regular commutes to work and in with the earlier alarm calls for a quick 45-55 minute spin on the local lanes before work).

Working the regular Monday to Friday thing means I’m pretty much a weekend rider or it is out in the dark, during the week. I quite like riding in the dark as losing that wider view helps you focus on other things.

My main focus is, of course, on not hitting any obstacles and the like. It has taken a year or two but I now have my night time kit all sorted and the key thing has been finding the right front light. Many lights out on the market are aimed at being seen rather than to see with and hence getting the right one is harder work than you might think.

My first forays were a total disaster with lights that looked bright enough but cast forward about as much light as a candle would. I was hitting potholes and all other kind of problems yet I had a light which claimed over 400 lumens.

On further research I found the root of the problem and went for a more focused, directional light. This one has a top power of 800 lumens but I regularly use the 300 lumens setting for night riding as it lasts longer and it gives me what I need in the pitch dark.

Now I get the odd comment from other road users, not always complimentary I must add. I do point it down to the road as that is what I want to see but we all have different eyes and some people just have awful night vision, still better to be seen than not at all.

The other focus on night rides is clearing your mind or problem solving. I tend to do the former, more often than not. It is a relief to come back with a clear head and tired legs and with cycling being a little bit more exclusive in the dark, you reach back to cycling in years gone by, a hidden World for the few dedicated souls, not the masses.


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