Of the night

Welcome back to GMT with a bang!

Okay so we fell back from BST to GMT in the early hours of Sunday morning but I only truly feel it when coming home from work. In the car it has been so so on Monday and Tuesday but today on the bike it was the real deal, proper full on dark once I left the light pollution bubble of Warwick and Leamington Spa.

Thanks to the joys of the cyclocross bike I can get off road and on the old railway lines and canal towpaths. This leaves me with just a few miles of motorised vehicular traffic, on the dark country lanes rather than the best part of 9 miles to run the gauntlet.

Not that these paths are free of hazards in fact the bumpy surface and narrow nature of them keep the senses sharp, especially when the canal towpaths have a cold and wet landing point on one side. It is all good fun though and keeps the mind focused.

I am the kind of person who wanders around in their head space far too much. I’ve heard people call that a sign of intelligence but I’m not so sure. Not the act of thinking but the implication that to do this implies that the thinker, in question, is intelligent. I do not consider myself that, hence my lack of comfort with this notion.

I have often been accused of wasting what I have been given, as academically I have done rather well but for me academic achievement does not mean you are intelligent. The narrow and constrained way the education system rewards individuals makes it more of a memory exercise rather than true intelligence.

What do I mean by this? Remembering facts or how to do something is a simple exercise of evolution, if we failed to do this then humans, as a species, would no longer be here. However a few are the innovators the ones who do not follow the path trod before, by others. No, they find their answers, their own solutions to problems and for me this is the measure of true intelligence.

I would love to say I am part of this group but sadly I am not, I am just a memory man not an innovator. So I’ll just back to my thoughts and let them ramble along inside my head for now.


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