… and now the moos

God love the random and surreal way my mind works. On the ride home tonight I was confronted by the lovely bunch pictured above. Cows are curious creatures, not just to me but they are curious creatures as they often get very distracted by things they see and tonight it was me, (thankfully I had a fence between me and them to save me from a trampling).

There was just something that caught my amusement about this bunch of silly cows, especially the look I got off the middle one of the group of 5 above. I was getting a few snorts too and I couldn’t help talk back to them, like some kind of lunatic. I’m just glad there were no passers by as I probably would not be typing this and instead would be being whisked off somewhere far, far away.

I captured the moment, clearly, and it is one of those unexpected moments which I will recall when I look back at the 2016 year of cycling. It really has left an impression on me. It was still 3 miles home after my cow encounter and I was smiling all the way, interspersed with the odd laugh to myself. I must be in one of those moods. I’m not sure why though?

No, nothing springs to mind as all I have lined up this weekend is a trip to Silverstone on Saturday and very little else. Going off on that tangent it all looks good for notching up 50+ events this year. By my latest calculations I should hit event number 50 with the Gloster Sporting Trial on the 4th December. The rallies may be getting fewer but the days out keep on rolling with an increasingly diverse range of events and sports.

Diversification, now that is a big word and one that sums up how I have adapted in my leisure pursuits. My mind may have closed off in many other areas but I still require a decent level of mental nourishment.

See this is the mind of a madman as I totally lost my thread, jumping from subject to subject, always shooting off in tangents. You know what, I should just give up now as clearly I’m still in a stupid frame of mind, but I won’t.

Oh what is that? A knock at the door? They’re coming to take me away, ha ha, they’re coming to take me away…..


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