Silverstone TT challenge

It has been bit of a different day, today. I got the rare opportunity to cycle a race track and not just any race track but Silverstone, the full GP circuit. Okay I had to pay for the pleasure but I paid up back in July and settled in for leisure ride as I didn’t want to do anything else on offer.

I rocked up just after 2pm and shortly before 3pm I was let loose on to the track until 4:30pm. I should say at this point it was advertised as a 2 hour window for riding and we were all given start times. Instead those in the know edged up to get out on track first and were the only ones to get near 2 hours track time, (poor show really). I suspected this would happen but rather than moan I made the best of what I had on offer.

Bull in a china shop might describe my approach as I shot away and was passing people left, right and centre. Okay so most were taking it leisurely but I wanted to see what I could do and seeing how fastest I could complete a 3.6 mile lap was of great interest, (for the record 10m 58s was my fastest lap).

There were plenty quicker than me too, well it felt that way. Guys in full aero skin suits with teardrop helmets on £5K+ time trial bikes. There were others like me but without the same bulk who seemed incensed as I passed them and then stuck to me for 1/2 a lap or so before falling back or finally coming past.

It was exhilarating to actually be on a track I have watched at so many times. After numerous games and races on TV too there was no way I would not know what was around each corner. One surprise I did get was how rough parts of the track were, I just didn’t expect that. Most were obvious, braking zones, the outside of corners on entry, etc.

The one thing it was most definitely was good fun. My heart was pumping like mad and I was full of adrenaline, which may explain the 144bpm average across the 100 minutes of riding.

Would I do it again? Maybe, but I was miffed I didn’t get the full track time. That was a let down but it was great to ride Silverstone too.


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