Choo choo

What a glorious day it has been up on the North Yorkshire moors today. The weather forecast was for rain and wind back home and once again the Trackrod rally has shone on us. In fact I cannot remember a wet one, on this rally.

It has been a sensible rally too with the good folk of Northern England adopting a common sense approach to the entire day. I do like the no nonsense just getting on with things up North. Yes, health and safety is there but not to the paranoid levels south of the M62.

But what has this to do with cycling? Well yesterday I had my first deep tissue sports massage of the year. Well overdue and all down to a total struggle to find somewhere good. I think I may have found it and despite the pain I’m booked in for my 2nd one in 6 weeks time.

My crash back in January has left its legacy it would seem as the muscles radiating out from my right knee, were in one hell of a state. It was all too obvious to Gemma once she started working on my right calf as strange shooting sensations shot round to my knee. She could sense the pull and asked if I was in pain. I wasn’t but I was shocked that 9 months later my knee was still showing signs of the crash.

A seriously knotted quad, some lumpy hamstrings and the evidence was overwhelming about what I had done. Still all good to find a decent sports massage again and one with which I can now build up an understanding.

The rally today was another one in my quest to attend 50 events this year, (yet another target for such an noncompetitive person or so I claim to be). Today is supposed to be an easy day with the Silverstone TT Challenge tomorrow but 3-4 miles walking in the woods can’t take that much out of me can it?

Maybe I am naive, maybe just plain stupid, but 5 hours sleep didn’t help either. I will make up for it tonight and get a load in the bank. I’m sure fish & chips tonight is hardly proper preparation either but I’m in North Yorkshire and with two award winning chippies in Pickering it would be rude not too surely?

I guess we’ll see how it all goes tomorrow after such unusual preparation.


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