Seaside or bust

The last ride of my Norfolk mini break and after 100 miles in the saddle so far, my immediate target is only 2 miles away. Yes my 2016 cycling target of 3,500 miles, which frankly barring major illness or a big accident was looking fairly safe since my consistent riding through July and August.

Mile 2 ticked over nicely and was barely noticed as I tried to start out differently to the last two days, by heading South. Then I turned inland to Docking and got off the main A roads, ah sweet quiet roads.

With North and West not possible as they were the sea I had to cover old ground and Burnham Market was a good first stopping point. The legs had felt horrible for the first 4-5 miles but once they were spinning again, all felt good.

I tackled ‘the bonk’ road in reverse from yesterday and in fairness it was a steady drag uphill, so returning today in the opposite direction was sheer bliss. I headed towards Wells and with it being a week day I hoped that the main roads might by quieter. I was in luck, major luck.

The road at Cley was shut for roadworks so all motorised transport was diverted off the road and inland. As I was on my bike I thought why not give it a go still and it worked out superbly. There was virtually no traffic and the road became sheer bliss to ride. When I got to Cley the roadworks were complete and a quick mini bag of Haribo later I was off towards Sheringham on empty roads.

Shortly after Cley I saw the works vans as they were collection the diversion signs. I passed and then a few minutes later they passed me before they had to stop again and I passed again. You get the picture and by the 4th sign the banter with the guys started as the race to Sheringham was on. I was still being a tourist taking photos though.

They beat me to Sheringham though and with 5o miles in the legs, I called in to see where a lift back might be. Sadly it was 5 miles inland and uphill at a National Trust property. Not quite the seaside finish to my riding I imagined but a cheeky double espresso and home-made flapjack were suitable reward.

Oh well time to plan the next cycling weekend away now.


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