Seaside Gran Fondo

Ah the pleasure of the bonk. Yeah the bonk. I kind of side tracked whilst touring around the North Norfolk coast an forgot to stock up on supplies after devouring my two mini bags of Haribo earlier on.

As I left Wells, (next the sea), I knew I was on my knees, energy wise, but when I passed through earlier I could not have been further from those gathered at the quayside. The smell of cheap chips and whippy ice cream would have turned my delicate constitution.

Instead I settled on Burnham Market providing my energy shot, after I had got round Holkham Hall. Sadly, it was whilst going round this grand National Trust estate that the bonk hit. As Geraint Thomas says in his book you need to experience the bonk from time to time to get the full cycling experience.

For those who don’t know it is when your body has used up all the readily available fuel, the contents of your stomach, sugars, protein and even carbs in the pursuit of energy to power your muscles on. The problem is that the duel which remains, fat and muscle is not easily broken down in to fuel there and then. As your body hunts for energy then functions start to shut down, you get tunnel vision and even the slightest incline feels like an Alpine pass.

Thankfully I stopped to take a call and I was advised that the cafe at Holkham Hall has a good cafe and seeing as there was a cycle path going through the estate I just had to drop in. It was a real joy to take in and even better downhill from the Southern side that I was approaching from.

A few snaps were taken and then it was an emergency can of coke and some delicious shortbread that brought me back in to the world of the fully conscious. With just 15 miles back to Old Hunstanton the 700-800 calories consumed should be enough to get back, surely?

It was a good ride, even with my stupid schoolboy error. I had gone out as far as Sheringham and worked my way back through Blakeney and the myriad of little coastal villages. 80 miles had been notched up, just 2 miles shy of my 2016 target so that will pass tomorrow, but now it is all about a pub meal down at the Orange Tree, yum yum.


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