What’s in a number?

It has been a while and it has been a crazy few weeks since I last posted. So much has gone on and it is difficult to recap everything, so I won’t as most of it is big news. You know the whole craziness that is going on in the UK, Europe and the World at large, just a mad few weeks.

All of this has really made it easy to feel down about the way things are at the moment. It has got me thinking and immediately I was drawn back to 2006, which was my annus horribilis. So much happened that year, which almost destroyed me. There was good too but that came after the fall, a big long drop it proved to be too whose repercussions are still felt today, (they probably will be forever in all honesty).

1996 was a roller coaster year too, 1986 I don’t really recall as good or bad and 1976, well I was a year old so no idea, it was a hot summer though. So with 1996, 2006 and 2016 so far proving to be traumatic it got me thinking are years that end in a ‘6’ cursed for me?

A touch dramatic I know but the evidence, in my head, would bear that thought out and the three 6’s, (spooky eh?!), in my adult life have been life altering much more than the other 9 years between.

1996 was mostly up to start but with university finishing it spiraled down in to what turned out to be a bad year. Poor employment prospects having to go back to my vacation job as a stop gap, a toxic relationship which started in 96 and would go on to shape my negative views about getting too close to anyone ever again and probably most importantly a major life threatening illness for one of my parents, which thankfully they came out the other side of.

2006 is best not mentioned in detail, I don’t want too, but it all started on January 2nd by being stabbed in the back at work, metaphorically. This is turn lead to a downward spiral which saw me lose my mental health amongst other things, that year could only improve afterwards.

On to 2016 and I have had enough already. Death, both family and people I have looked up too, crazy decisions made by others that will affect my future and worst of all unstability in my life once more.


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