Breaking records

My first weekend home and you what, my recent altitude training seems to have done the trick. I went out and tackled my local 40km TT circuit for the first time in almost 2 years. I’m not sure why but I thought why not.

It proved to be a good return as I smashed my PB by taking almost seven and a half minutes off it. I was really chuffed with that. Loaded up with my Katusha and Tinkoff bottles maybe my bidons had some special Russian contents which pushed me to such heights!

Every climb felt easier, I could push harder, I was using a bigger gear, it all just flowed. I cannot say much more than that with how I felt. I did have the help of my Garmin which kept me up to speed with my gaps based upon my previous PB. I knew the Daventry to Dunchurch stretch would be hard though as unusually for late June there was a North wind. I still managed to make up time on that section but it was the final side of the triangle where the big time gains came.

A crosswind rather than a headwind on the final 6 miles proved beneficial as I clawed back almost 3 minutes on that section alone. Yeah it has been a good day and with this all done and dusted this morning I still have most of today to enjoy now.

Looking back though it is amazing how each time I come back from holiday I am lighter and fitter. There aren’t many people who can say that! This year needs to be different though as I must push on and keep the weight sliding off. I have now lost 26lbs this year but I want to lose another 42lbs.

That sounds extreme but I have the weight to lose. I am realistic too, so this will not overnight. It needs to be gradual and I have a two year plan. In the summer of 2018 I intend to tackle the Mont Ventoux and by then I want to be at my target weight, or lower. It is a beast of a climb and I cannot underestimate how hard it will be and with my 40’s ticking along I need to get these big targets ticked off before I hit 50.

So the school report reads, good work so far but more of the same required.


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