Diesel engine

Back to the Tour de Suisse today after a day off and with the potential for bad weather I was very happy to get away with it today. It was the individual time trial so 3 hours out on the road side but plenty of time to watch the pros at work.

With the race into its 8th stage the overall GC was at the pointy end with plenty to fight for. I also would have a chance to dial myself in as the lowest ranked riders were first. This did mean the Swiss National hero Fabian Cancellara was through early and his figures were impressive. I was informed that on the downhill near to where I had parked up had seen Spartacus reach 103km/h, wow!

In the end he did not get the stage win on his final appearance on home soil, in his discipline of cycling. Still some 2 hours later and the top 10 were still to come through but there had been some notable riders who had been past.

The one who stuck out was Vasil Kiryenka, the current World time trial champion. The rainbow bands on the white skin suit, matching Pinarello bike just looked the part. It needs a real hard man of cycling to pull this look off. No one could ever say Kiry is not a hard man with his big diesel engine that Team Sky call upon so often.

Then there was the top ten and whilst I hoped Geraint Thomas would push on and make up for lost time in the last few days, it sadly did not materialise. He looked well down on those around him. Perhaps he has an eye on July and the Tour de France and does not want to push to deep?

Still it was a good day and the rest of the top ten mixed it up to make it interesting for the final stage tomorrow. The weather is due to close in overnight so who knows what we will get tomorrow? From what I’ve seen it could be very dicey.

Ahead of my final night in Davos I can say I have really fallen for Switzerland. It has been superb and the Southern part of the country has been jaw dropping. I will be back for sure, maybe not next year or the year after but I will return one day, with my bike for sure.


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