The white stuff

I may be in the final part of my summer holiday but today was a real surprise. My first night in Davos and I woke up before the alarm with a feeling something odd was going on. I got out of bed and peeked through the window to see snow, yes snow in June!

Being a Brit this was a huge shock for me to see snow in June but Davos is at 1500m above sea level, so this can happen. It did make me think, ‘What does this mean for my planned cycling day?’

Well the truth of it was not much. I had packed autumn/winter cycling gear and so it would be needed. I left as planned and went out to spin the legs and warm up with a little ride towards Davos Wolfgang. There was a a lot of standing water but no snow actually on the roads, so warmed up I headed back to the base of the Flüela Pass and started my ascent.

The first sign I saw said the pass was closed but I continued on my way thinking I’ll see how far I can get. The first few kms were on wet roads through the trees, with snow dripping from them. It was all very tranquil with steam rising from the road.

As I pushed on the landscape opened up and it was truly remarkable as everywhere was white. I’m sure this is a Brit thing and the Swiss just pass it off as this is normal. I was loving it, like a kid again and stopping every 20 minutes to take pictures.

With crisp blue skies and the sun beating down the roads were now dry and the snow plough had descended back in to Davos. The road was open and the passing motorbikes and cars broke my peaceful ride but it was still glorious.

As I neared the summit I stopped for pictures and a local offered to take pictures of me riding up (above) which was very generous and just capped off a beautiful climb. After a thank you I was on my way once more.

At 2383m above sea level this was my highest ride this summer and with 4-6 inches of snow at the top, it was a morning I would never forget. Just gorgeous and life affirming. It is these moments which you treasure forever and will live on.


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