A meeting with the devil

What a crazy day. I have made my way from Hospental to Davos via Weesen. After catching my 2nd stage of the Tour de Suisse yesterday, today I headed round to the start town to see what the cycling circus was like.

The answer was pretty similar to the Dauphine, but of course the Tour de Suisse has a caravan very much in the style of the Tour de France, just smaller and a little bit less rowdy and cheap feeling. For a start off they give out free gruyere cheese which is a winner for me.

The main thing about going to the start though, is seeing the riders sign on, which they have to do each day to remain in the race. Normally it is a good chance to see them up close and personal but today ended up being about someone else.

I bumped in to Didi the devil. A long term fixture of continental cycling who has been sadly absent recently. Through pigeon German I managed to find out he had been ill recently, hence his non-attendance on the Tour de France in recent years. He is back now though and with the 2017 starting Dusseldorf he has to be there.

It was great to see him fighting fit and he is a friendly, larger than life character, posing for anyone with a camera. Apart from the TV crews even the professional riders wanted to get selfies with the devil.

This has really made what has already been a memorable few days in Switzerland. The weather hasn’t been the greatest, considering it is summer, but Europe has been suffering this summer. Still the weather doesn’t hold me back too much really. I say this as I sit in my car up on the Klausenpass waiting for the riders to arrive after 20km long climb in the rain and cold. I am much happier being me today as riding in this must be miserable.

Anyway onwards and upwards as Davos is next up and if it is anything like the rest of Switzerland then I’m in for a real treat. It will also represent the longest stay in Switzerland too as I have 3 nights there. Lots of high passes too and decisions must be made about what to ride and when. My main concern is the weather though and I hope it doesn’t buggar things up for me.


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