Pushing on

My thoughts have been very deep recently, more so than normal for one who has a great deal of head space and time to think things through. I am only just over two weeks from my annual trip to the French Alps and that will afford me more time to contemplate, (so I guess we can file this post under the alone moniker rather then cyclist!).

When there is death close to you then it makes you think more about life, in my case legacy, what will I leave behind? For many it is already done in the passing on of their genes, not that that should be their only mark left on this World. I do not have that option through a combination of the decisions made by others and those that I have made.

Thinking of my wider family, as is appropriate, then my Dad’s line will end with me. One of his brothers also has a son who will see the end of his line, (the other two siblings have children who have spawned another generation albeit not continuing the family name). If I then look at my paternal grandfather he was one of 5 brothers and of the other 4 none will leave a line of succession for the family name. It is bizarre to think that from 5 brothers in just 2 generations the family name will end.How quickly a family name can be gone.

This brings me back to legacy and maybe by being remembered, for good reasons I hope, then the family name will be known even if direct descendants are not there. So what can I do? I’m unlikely to make my mark in the workplace, I have coasted for a good decade plus now. It is improbable that I will make an earth shattering discovery and I lack the talent at anything really to become famous for creating, playing or writing, this or that. It is a quandry.

Maybe it is this which will be my legacy. Not this blog, as if, but the freedom I have to think, muse and dare I say it philosophise about life. I can accept my lack of common convention, which at times feels like a blessing, especially if my mind has been set free to think about the human condition.

Yes that is it. I must accept my fate, push on and try to make a difference, somehow…..


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