Bluebell way

April has been one odd month with its fair share of upsets. I only managed one post on here so you know the main reason why. The end of the month has seen the funeral, which was cathartic after the pain, before ending with a mystery illness.

With the 3 day weekend here in the UK I was hoping to fit two decent rides in around a day of motorsport but Friday night saw the best laid plans crumble. I was in bed by 10pm and Saturday I was out of sorts, so no bike and Sunday’s plans cancelled. I did try a ride on Sunday morning but after 15 miles the dreaded ‘bonk’ hit or fringale to use the continental term. A day of being ill and barely consuming anything had left me empty, literally.

So it wasn’t until my return to work today that I got back in to cycling. The morning was tough, headwind and still lacking in energy meant no power and I got to work in my slowest time this year, ever maybe.

Tonight would be a different matter as the cross bike allowed me to be adventurous and I took a number of off-road routes I have not ridden for some time. The headline shot is from Snowford Hill and what is commonly known as a ‘white’. I refer to the OS map here as it is a track but these can be paved or not, partially private, allow vehicles or not. This one is a not suitable for motors, so they are not banned as such.

With the late Spring here in the UK the Bluebells are only just showing and their bluey-purple hue really is very pleasant amongst the verdant green grass. It is all very uplifting and that is most welcome after a trying April.

You shouldn’t dislike a particular month but April and me do have history and 2016 proved to be no different. May has been variable in the past, I’m okay with that, but April no thank you please.

I should look at the positives I know, it just is difficult sometimes. Maybe the cleansing mystery virus that ended April was removing the bad from the month, from my body, that could be a positive way to think about it. I guess we shall wait and see what this month brings. I need to get in shape though, June demands it!


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