This is what it is all about

Back to a cycling post, woo-hoo!!!

It was fresh riding in to work this morning but with GMT behind us and BST now with us, it is all about the ride home after work. The first part was stuck on roads and the usual frustrations associated with that. But after 3 miles, or so, I approached Newbold Comyn and everything began to change.

The green grass extended out, trees, no noise from motorised vehicles and with no tall buildings you get to feel the sun on your back, (I always ride East home so the setting sun is behind me). Yeah, this is what it is all about.

A few minutes later I was on the canal towpath. A few joggers, an old couple out for a stroll and a dog walker were all smiling and happy as we greeted pleasant exchanges and then I was out in true open countryside, I love it.

Next up was a lovely piece of cycling territory, the Offchurch Greenway. This is an old abandoned railway line which has been landscaped, covered in fine gravel and set aside to all other than those under motorised power.

On tonights journey I met no one else on the Greenway, which seems slightly mad in this heavily populated little island called the United Kingdom. Still being the solitary sort this is all good with me, ideal in fact.

The journey continued in a largely pleasant manner and it was a pleasure to ride home, rather than drive. It got me thinking happy thoughts and reinvigorated my body and soul.

This really is the essence of cycling, sometimes you ride to clear your head especially when you are on the rivet, pushing the physical limits, but often you are not full bore, 100%, so you have plenty of time to think.

It is at times like these that you can deal with all kinds of things that have been giving you grief during the day. You can resolve so much, not that I have much to sort out at present. Perhaps that is testament to how much cycling I do, I pretty much deal with most issues in my head, on the bike, before they snowball.

With tomorrow due to be much of the same, with absolutely zero wind and a Friday off work, I am looking forward to more of the same in 24 hours time. I just can’t wait.


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