Out on the sands

It has been a while since I last posted and I have been busy. Nothing notable really just doing what I do, keeping myself busy. There has been lots of motorsport, with weekends totally taken up, so little time for cycling. I have kept the legs ticking over with commuting and all that jazz, plus a few hours spent on bike maintenance, cleaning and fitting new parts, etc.

So with no sport planned for the Easter weekend you would have thought I would be racking up the miles, none of it though. I have taken the chance to have a 4 day break and no better way than going to the coast. In particular North Norfolk, which I have only visited once before and that was a day trip.

My only prerequisite from me was walking on the beach. With the wind up that may not be that pleasant in all honesty but as with everything life, it is what you make of it. For the first full day, Saturday, it was seal time as we headed down towards Horsey.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as we parked about 3/4 of a mile away, on the opposite side of the sand dunes. 20 minutes later and the answer came, it was going to be good. There were several hundred seals hauled up on the beach as they were resting whilst their coats change from Winter to Summer. Understandably they were quite grumpy as you can expect when you are itching and are stuck on dry land, never where they are in their element.

Mostly females and between 5-8 years old this was quite a chilled out group but the adolescent males that were present made themselves known with petty squabbling and mock fighting. There was nothing too serious though as the mating season has been and gone so the females just batted off any male who came near them.

There was one young pup though, probably born last year and it looked tiny compared to rest of the beach. The vast majority are about 6′ to 9′ long and 16-20 stone in weight so caution is required, (you certainly don’t want to get between them and the sea as that will antagonise them).

All in all a cracking morning out and good R&R for me. I will get back to cycling posts soon as that is my main purpose for this blog. Catch you soon.


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