Fire in the sky

The light show that sunsets provide is approaching the best time of year, here in the UK. The end of February and in to March is always a time of year I really like. Winter is coming to an end, Spring is on the way, opening up all the excitement and optimism that many associate with the Summer, (I for one will be happy to cycle in shorts again and reduce down to 2 or 3 layers on top!).

The Sun, like fire, evokes a primal felling inside of me and seeing it rise and set is the only time you can really take a long hard look at it. I know the science with light diffraction and the curvature of the Earth, but still the show that is put on is truly awe inspiring and kind of magical. I am not religious but spiritual and that is what is brought out in me.

I also start planning in earnest at this time of year too and my Summer cycling jaunt is taking shape nicely. I will return to the French Alps and Adret d’en haut in Navette but my Swiss extension is beginning to fall in to place. I have decided that due to its close location  to the Italian border that St. Moritz would be preferable over Davos, there is certainly more variety in cycling to be had there.

There are 3 decent passes all over 2,000m above seas level and listed amongst the top 20 climbs in Switzerland. Oh and there is the Stelvio nearby, just over the border. I must drive that road if not cycle it. Before that I will probably stay South in Switzerland, much like the Tour de Suisse will be midweek.

I have booked the final two nights before my return home and the Black Forest has called loudest to me. I have found a picture box place to stop in the small town of Gengenbach which offers a superb location for walkers and cyclists, happy days. It looks great and armed with only one years study of the German language I will try my best to get by.

So there it is, another month chalked up in 2016 and plenty of reasons to be cheerful. It should be a fun June this year and without a single day of motorsport too. I’m not sure when I last had a complete month off from the petrol guzzling.


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