In a crazy and mad world a few hours on the bike can help bring balance to the world. Even a morning commute can do that with the fraught element of urban traffic. It wasn’t favourable weather wise too and with time against me today, I couldn’t seek out the slower off road routes, to escape the vehicle housed masses.

Still I had time to reflect upon life and whilst I may not seem sane to many, I have distilled the essence that is my future life and this is it. I will work for another 25-30 years then retire, leave the UK and spend my retirement somewhere in the Alps, probably France, and eventually die. That is it, hopefully still riding my bike until the end, as that will remain a constant until my body can no longer turn a crank over.

That may come across as rather bleak but like a wise owl I have the knowledge, the rational thought process, to see that this is my future path. Many people are scared to confront their own mortality and whilst I am also, to a degree, I am not worried about thinking it through.

For many life is like being a hamster in a wheel. Life whizzing past at a crazy speed and when you finally get off the wheel you wonder what has happened just before your time is up, if you’re lucky!

Being alone or single, as common society likes to dictate, I have the time to look around and see what is happening. I can assess my life in a very pragmatic way and whilst I may miss some details, I can see the bigger picture.

It can be tough too, being alone, but it is a path I have chosen willingly. I used to follow convention and believe a long term relationship was the only happy future but when I see so many going through the motions, trapped, sick of what has become of their lives, then I know it is not the only way.

This may seem selfish to have a life of singledom dedicated to just yourself, I see that. Many choose the conventional path, have children and then their focus switches the kids future before they get their life back. I see that and respect it too, I just know it is not right for me. It is all about your choice.


3 thoughts on “Practicalities

  1. Riding a bike really does help slow the world down and like you, I find a long bike ride is the best time to think. All that time spent thinking hasn’t helped me to figure out my own future though…but that’s okay by me, at least for now 🙂


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