Crisp focus

My first week back in the saddle for commuting has encompassed just the two days of riding but I have felt re-born. This is due to the new bike, the Caad X, and my first taste of a cyclocross bike. It was a bold step to opt for a X-bike, as I like to call it.

I had a mountain bike in the past and never really got on with it, (in fact I gave it away after over 2 years of inactivity and less than 300 miles on the virtual clock). Since my teenage years I have always had bikes with dropped bars, essentially road bikes.

The X-bike is no great deviation then but opting to go off-road was something that has always appealed for the greater challenge when it comes to bike handling. The past 2 weeks since the Caad X has been in the stable, have not disappointed. Yes, you could argue I have not used the bike to its full potential but green laning, abandoned railway lines and canal towpaths have reinvigorated the rides around my home. All these new potential routes have let my mind run wild and, so far, I have only scratched the surface.

Last year the commute to work was becoming stale  as going in I had two main routes, with little to no variation. Now I could subtly change my route every day, in a much more interesting way than using back streets.

When it all shakes out though it is the rural elements of my rides are what give me pleasure and none more so than this evening. A sublime sunset deeply moved me and made me feel all was well in the world. It comes as no surprise that my general demeanor this week has been much better than it has been of recent.

Cycling makes me happy, to put it quite simply. Seeing nature close up, being part of it, feeling the wind pass by, the smells you go through and the cold enlivening your muscles and sinews just wakens the body up. You just feel more alive as a result of it and being almost too tired to finish this post goes to show how good it is for me too.

I know tonight I will sleep soundly, the sleep of the dead some might say, as my body has been worked over the past few days. Hallelujah cycling gods!


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