The indicators are not good

Less than one day and post no.2, this will not continue! Today is not a good day for me. Too much introspection, too much thought. My general malaise with the gathered masses has dragged me down, I want nothing to do with anyone. I would be happy being sat at home alone, I am antisocial, the vast majority of the unknown I do not care for. I am not afraid to admit that.

This usually starts with some thoughtless act by a random, someone unknown. I question if mankind can do nothing other than consume and act in a selfish manner? These thoughtless acts are selfish and done by people, all of us from time to time, as we go about our daily business. We are trying to do something quickly, almost without thought and as a by product we get it wrong and end up being rude or ignoring others.

My bugbear is thoughtless driving. In particular failing to indicate, which is pure discourtesy like not acknowledging someone who has given way to you, (another bugbear of mine). This morning, on my daily commute, I drove the last mile and a half through a built up area and only one car ahead of me indicated, all the others failed to do so when turning.

The crowning turd was at the entrance to our car park where I could have been assertive and turned straight in, whilst indicating, but no I waited and the car coming towards me showed no gratitude. I might as well not been there. I then followed them in and when they turned in to one of the park bays there was no indication again, my blood boiled.

Why do such trivial incidents make me so upset? What real injustice is there? The answer is none. I am in a foul mood and they have made a small mistake. I should just be glad that is as far as it went and I did nothing more.

As the morning has progressed nothing has really improved. A pointless appointment at the bank has wasted my time when all they cared about was some satisfaction survey. I knew it was stupid but I allowed myself to be coerced in to attending.

If I’m going to stay happy in life I need to stand up and say no from time to time. I just don’t know how, it seems.


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