Welcome to the freeze

It has taken me a while to get back in to the swing of a blog again, so here goes. I want to get my thoughts down once more and my first issue was picking a name for my latest blog, (at this point I should add I am not a serial blogger but I did have one which started the best part of 4 years ago and has now been consigned to the bytes of history after finishing in November 2014).

My problem was what should the name say about me? Should it try to be humorous/witty or serious? Who will stumble across this and what will they think? And perhaps most importantly does it infringe on anyone else?

With those thoughts racing through my head I made a simple decision, the name must in some way link to what makes me happy, namely cycling. As a 40 something I thought Mid-Life Cyclist might be good but not original as an avid reader of cycling books this had already been done for a most entertaining book I read back in 2013/4, (find it here for a quick review – http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18907318-mid-life-cyclists). I then got thinking of any potential puns, double meanings from the world of cycling, but nothing was doing.

No joy then, so why am I doing this blog? Well mostly to express myself, get some thoughts out there. I do think a lot, not always constructive or good thoughts but I have an active mind. I also find these kind of things very cathartic and with my future life very much at the forefront of my mind, it was then that the name came to me.

I am an only child, used to making my own amusement, to all intents and purposes a loner. Add this to my passion for cycling, which I partake in 99% of the time on my own, then the blog name was obvious, a lone cyclist.

I opted for a pun then, but in a subtle way. Once the title had been decided it all made sense, now it is the content. Well I will get there, no history, no background, no long monologue, just pure blogging starting here. I will set no target for posting, I dislike obligations and my last blog was one 1000 day obligation which became a bind.

What I will try and do is make each entry worthwhile in some way. Let the rambling begin…


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